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The thin wall shelf

Sunlight comes through the window, while the delicate curtains dance to the rhythm of the breeze that blows through the room. The air is fresh, the light is heady. The shadows are subtle on the bright furniture.

Raw planks have their admirers, but we prefer subtlety. The thick wooden boards weigh down the decor and steal the show from the objects that are placed on them. We prefer to highlight them with a thin line.

We like welcoming spaces that exude lightness.

Works of art

Placed on the Lille wall shelf, our valuables will have the spotlight, and our decor will be very neat. Our beautiful bronze sculpture will get all the attention it deserves.

We like clean, well-defined lines that leave plenty of room for imagination and creation.

The Lille shelf will perfectly match your most beautiful acquisitions.

In the kitchen

Some objects deserve to be displayed: an Italian kettle, antique crockery or a designer piece will reveal all of their elegance on the Lille shelf.

We love our kitchen when it is ergonomic and functional, when every detail is honoured. We want it to be welcoming, lively and dynamic.

The bar

We take a moment for a cozy evening of friendly conversations. Bottles from our whisky collection, and our finest glasses are placed on a shelf like monoliths, contrasting with the slimness of Lille.

We take a sip at this moment, a drop of water to free the bouquets, and the exchanges start again.

The sunny place

The morning sun comes to green our plants which are placed by the window, and which seem to levitate. On the Lille shelf, the only stars are the green of the Sanseviera and the red of the Orchid. Nothing obstructs the light, nothing prevents the colors from bursting.

We love the veracity and the splendor of subtlety.


Warning: For professional installation only! The shelf must be secured in the wall studs to ensure a solid installation. Holes are 16 inches apart.

The Lille shelf can support a maximum weight of 35 pounds without sagging!

Made of steel with a high-quality paint.

Available in textured black and matte white.

Made in Quebec, like all our products!

Dimensions in inches : 36 X 2 X 10 (LxHxD)

Dimensions in centimeters : 92 X 5 X 26 (WxHxD)