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The Wine table

It's Friday evening, week is ending, it's time to relax. The wine is chilled, entrees are ready, and we are in for a cozy evening. The wine is refreshing, just cool enough to lift the flavor.

We can smell the delicate aromas, we can relax and enjoy the fruit of our efforts. We take a sip, and our mind travel in the best wineries of our last trip.

We don't want to risk dropping the wine, and most ice buckets are taking much space, so we enjoy that it's recessed in the table


We like the Nordic design, inspired by snow sled. We keep our wine planted in the snow bank, in th comfort of our living room.

The legs are made of aluminium, the soldering is polished, and the glossy powder coat contrast perfectly with the exposed plywood layering.


Aluminium legs, birch plywood, powder coat, and stainless bucket

This is a prototype, there might be holes, rough edges, and defects. Only 2 available.